Aventador to Vivid – Sydney

Sydney Harbour at Sunset

Here’s the story of the time I tried to shoot a Lamborghini Aventador and Sydney’s Vivid Festival in the same day.

Where to begin?… I guess the start would make sense.

Since rebranding my business and creating a new website, I’ve really struggled to find a theme for the content I share on this website.

I’ve got a fantastic series of blog post on it from the last couple of years, and I still want to use it to showcase my best photography work. However, the posts I’ve been writing here have seemed pretty much the same as what I’ve been writing over at InSyde Media.

It doesn’t seem to make much sense to basically duplicate content. So I was time for a rethink about this website and work out how to share fresh interesting content here.

With that I decided to share different the behind scenes stories. Not necessarily the story of a shoot or event, but my experiences in and around photo shoots. Possibly even include the highs and lows or running a business. Always showcasing my best photography work, even some of the travel shots I take for fun.

So to kick off this new direction, I thought I’d start with the tale of trying to shoot a Lamborghini Aventador S and Sydney’s Vivid Festival in the same day.

Lamborghini Aventador S

When it comes to shooting things for work and shooting things for fun, photography work always has to come first.

So with a couple of busy weeks of work, mostly down around Melbourne, I didn’t think I would get a chance to drop into Sydney to check out Vivid.

However when this Lamborghini Aventador S photo shoot came up for Carsguide, just outside of Sydney, at the last minute, I thought I might just get a chance to drop in to Vivid after all. (Just for clarification, I’m based just outside of Sydney)

Lamborghini Aventador S

It was an early start for the Lamborghini shoot, I had to leave home at 4am to get to the location on time for the 7am start, but you can read all about the here: http://www.insydemedia.com.au/blog/photo-shoot-lamborghini-aventador-s/

With the shoot only being a half day, headed into the city at lunch time to get some of my other work done. Ended sitting in a cafe for a few hours to get a couple of photo edits out of the way and update Auto Action’s website. Starting to get a handle on this being able to work anywhere thing.

By the time I’d wrapped up work it was just about time for sunset. I thought I’d be able to push through spend a few hours exploring Vivid.

Vivid Sydney, NSW, Australia

Turn’s out, having just driven back from Melbourne as well, I was pretty tired, so I only spent two hours in the city before making the two-hour trip home. Probably would have been smarter to organise a hotel in Sydney for the night, but accommodation is expensive at the best of times, let alone during Vivid.

Vivid Sydney, NSW, Australia

Here’s a couple more photos from Vivid, I didn’t explore as much as I would have liked. I ended up getting a few shots down at the harbour, a quick walk around the botanical gardens and short stop in at Darling Harbour.

Vivid Sydney, NSW, AustraliaVivid Sydney, NSW, AustraliaVivid Sydney, NSW, Australia

I know I’ve said this every year I go to Vivid, but next year hopefully I spend a bit more time there and explore and photography it properly.

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