Snow Time – Mt Buller

Snow time at Mt Buller in Victoria

From one extreme to the other… From the beaches of the Gold Coast to the snow-capped mountains of Mt Buller.

If there is one thing I haven’t done enough of recently, it’s drive up and down the east coast of Australia. But hey, what’s another 1600 kilometre road trip.

After finishing up at the Shannons Nationals at Queensland Raceway it was back in the car for the two-day drive down to Mt Buller in Victoria. Firstly for a bit of work with a couple of customers and then some much needed catch up time with a few friends. Even managed to sneak in a bit of Snowboarding for good measure.

It’s not often I get time off running my own business. In fact I never truly get a full day off these days, there’s always something to work on managing customers websites and social media (in addition to my photography work). But a couple of days on the mountain, at least for a couple of hours, was well worth the trip.

I’ve been quite lucky to snowboard in a few interesting places over the last few years, in fact I actually learnt to snowboard in my short stint living in Canada many years ago. But I’d never been to Mt Buller or any of the other Victorian snow fields before.

Mt Buller, Vic, Australia

If you haven’t worked it out, I do love to travel and explore new places. So the chance to go somewhere new, like Mt Buller was just too good to pass up.

We lucked out with snow conditions, first day on the snow was perfect blue sky powder day. Which are few and far between here in Australia. Then next day or two was a mixed bag with high-winds and the mountain covered in cloud, but it was all good fun and we made the most of it for a good couple of days snowboarding.

It was also a good opportunity for my friends to see behind the scenes my life on the road. Now they know Laundromats aren’t just a thing from American movies.

Here’s a couple of photos from where we were staying, just outside of Mt Buller, which you might have seen pop up on my Instagram account.

Mt Buller, Vic, Australia
Mt Buller, Vic, Australia
Mt Buller, Vic, Australia

Then after a few weeks on the road it was finally time to go home, at least for a couple of days.

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